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Rubber Testing Equipment

Utilized for testing innate attributes of rubber, which is essentially a natural polymer, like physical and mechanical features along with industrial parameters like adhesion testing, abrasive properties and electrical characteristics, Textile Technocrats offers a range of Rubber Testing Equipment. Boasting a build quality that evades the products of our contemporaries, our range employs steel of the highest quality, that has been amalgamated with other elements like Carbon to impart utility specific properties. Also, there is apt use of thermoplastics and fibers for better co-ordination between components and improved productivity. These Rubber Testing Equipment employ the latest cutting edge technology and measurement tools that have been calibrated to achieve the highest levels of precision and accuracy.

Salient Features:

  1. Superior build quality- employ steel alloys, with hardness on the higher level of the spectrum and better durability

  2. Precision calibrated- to offer maximum accuracy in measurement of various parameters like tensile strength and compressibility

  3. Higher sensitivity- considers even minute fluctuations in the measurements and duly incorporates it into results by means of pre-installed fail-safe machinery.

  4. Condition flexible- to provide better mensuration of standards in varied atmospheric conditions that often tend to change the material characteristics of rubber to be tested.

Product Image (TT 11)

Din Abrasion Tester


  • Smooth functioning
  • Impeccable performance
  • Longer functional life

Product Image (TT 86)

Aging Oven


  • High performance
  • Noise free operation
  • Power efficient

Product Image (TT 01)

Rubber Tensile Strength Tester

To Determine The Tensile Strength of Rubber, Digital Rubber Tensile Testing Machine - 100/250/500Kgf with S Type Load Cell